Prior to embarking on his sports marketing career, Brian Sims was a successful salesman in the private sector with companies such as Xerox and Goodyear. He went on to become UK Sales Training Director for the American giant, ITT


The experience gained at this level helped him develop a special ability to impart his high level of knowledge and experience to other people. It's a skill as equally important as Brian's proven sales and sponsorship acquisition abilities.


Whether training the parents of young competitors, the marketing personnnel of a major sports association or even university students, Brian has a tremendous ability to entertain, educate and continually maintain the concentration level of his audience.


Sponsorship acquisition is seen by many people as a "black art", but Brian is able to show his audiences that like almost any other business skills, the ability to secure meaningful sponsorship can be taught clearly and in a concise interesting manner.


Incorporating a host of anecdotal case studies involving actual deals that he has secured, as well as some that he has failed to land and the reasons why, Brian brings a breath of fresh air to the thorny issue of how to go about acquiring meaningful sponsorship.


....Brian Sims at a sponsorship seminar in Bucharest, ROMANIA Feb 2014