What People Have Been Saying About Brian's Book and His Training Courses ..........................



"What an amazing book....I couldn't stop reading it from the moment I started it....I've now finished it and started reading it over again....I want to thank you sincerely for guiding my search for sponsorship in the right direction.. I am looking to raise around £200,000 for (my 2012 season) in the FIA Formula 2 Championship...It felt like a nigh on impossible task before I read your book....Now I can truthfully say that I am excited and ready to get stuck in!....I have a direction, a goal and crucially plenty of ideas....thank you once again" 

DINO ZAMPARELLI : BRDC 2011 Rising Star / 2013 Marussia GP3 Driver



I am contacting you to thank you for writing your book "Sports Sponsorship: A Professional's Guide". I am trying to raise finances to continue my racing career and plan to compete in GP3 next year.


With inspiration and advice from your book,  I created Grand Prix Marketing to provide tailored marketing strategies in GP3 and GP2".







Great Book! I read the first page and couldn't put it down. Makes a real change to read something about sports sponsorship that's written by someone who's done it as opposed to an academic writing about the theory. 

DAVID CLAYTON / Managing Director of Leicester Tigers RFC


An excellent grounding in the basics of sponsorship, providing a unique insight into every aspect. A great tool for anyone who wants to find out more about sponsorship and who is looking to use it to its maximum effectiveness as a marketing discipline 

NIGEL CURRIE / Former Chairman of the European Sponsorship Association


A big thank you for your brilliant book. As a parent of a budding young racing driver, I have been in total confusion how to go ahead and raise the funds necessary for Josh to compete next year. I've now read your book twice in the space of a week and become so fired up that I want to start the sponsorship search today, but it's Boxing Day! 

SALLY BENSON / Mother of Young Competitor 



Just wanted to say thank you for the sponsorship training. I had a great day at Castle Combe and learned a great deal. I think the course was worth every penny and the book was well worth the purchase and provides a lot of background information and detail that wasn't possible to cover in the one-day course.


I would highly recommend that anyone looking for sponsorship or working in marketing attends one of your courses to learn your "out of the box" marketing strategies.


Andrew Phillips...2nd July 2012


I have rarely attended a seminar where so much real knowledge and good business practice was relayed.........


BARNEY STINTON / Zanarini F1 Management


I found the course really useful and the openessof the presentation and information imparted very refreshing, compared to many courses which hint at solutions but essentially suggest that you need to engage the speaker concerned separately to get to the answers


JANE PLATTS / Ascot Racecourse Ltd


A superb seminar. One of the best that I've ever attended. I now have a much better insight into what sponsorship is really about and what companies expect from it. I can approach the task of approaching the private sector with a great deal more confidence.


SCHALK BERGER / Superkart Championship South Africa